Unleash the Big Cat: The New Jaguar XE

What is packed in the cage?

The British brand came up with a differently designed sports sedan with the recent Paris Motor Show uncaging the Jaguar XE. It is built with the efficiently designed lightweight technology using aluminium-intensive monocoque. The Jaguar XE is so far the lightest and smallest yet sturdiest sedan in the roster. Here’s why:

  • It has the integral rear link axle
  • Double wishbone front suspension
  • Ingenium diesel engine

The added edge

The rigid powerful exterior is an indication to Jaguar’s proficiency in employing aluminium structure that contributes to cost efficient fuel emission and consumption. Power-driven with V6 petrol engine, the Jaguar XE can run from 0-60mph in jaguar-xe-2less than 5 seconds. It is supercharged with 3.0L similar to the F-Type variant. There are also the 8speed AT and 6speed MT as well as the 2.0 Direct Injection Turbo Diesel Engine available.

How to distinguish a Jaguar

You can instantaneously spot a Jaguar from afar. The streamlined contour and the sylphlike proportions make it a distinct cut above the rest. From the outside you will notice a low profile that is sleek and almost resembles a coupé no matter which angle you look. The J-Blade running lights are a signature conventionally coming from the Jaguar E-types. There is a traversing horizontal line from the rear, which makes it uniquely Jaguar.

What are the enhancements made on the Jaguar XE?

Among the obvious feature is the low drag shape of the body. Placing the bumper ducts over the exterior of the front wheel lessens the drag. With the combined lightweight technology underneath the floor panels, the muffler runs back smoothly as a result.

The spacious cabin is one thing that Jaguar can boast of from its conventional standards. Jaguar’s fêted craftsmanship gives you the highest form of materials for the interior. What’s more, the latest Infotainment system with theso-called InControl Touch lets you run your Smartphone apps whether for Android or iOS setups.

Jaguar XEs highly advanced ASPC (All Surface Progress Control) lets you drive extremely snow covered slopes that are typically for off-road tractions. This type of driver assistance is usually available on Land Rovers.

It gives you a 3D view with its stereo camera positioned behind the windscreen at the front to let you see what lies beforehand. This can also function for lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking system.

The HUD of the Jaguar XE generates vivid colour graphics with its laser projection technology. You can see things clear under extreme sunlight exposure when monitoring navigation and speed of the vehicle.

The stand

Jaguar XE fulfils the selection of sedans from Jaguar that sits in between the XJ and the XF variants. It is by far the most aerodynamic, eco-friendly among all Jaguar models with its remarkable low energy consumption. The XE happens to be equipped with an electric power steering, which is another first. Not only that, it gives higher affordability advantage alongside its reduced crash damage repair.

New Car Technology That Will Surprise You

Plug-In Hybrid Cars


The prices of fuel are not the only reason that car manufacturers are looking for new ways to make their cars greener. Governments all over the world are making it easier for them to make cleaner-driving cars, and difficult for those who require more fuel-use.

You have probably heard about electric cars, but you might not realize that plug-hybrids are becoming increasingly available. During 2015, car manufacturers will be producing these alternative versions of many of their gas-guzzling models. While many of their CEOs are not necessarily happy about the change, for various reasons, there are some good reasons that car companies are following this trend. It is becoming more and more difficult for car makers to keep up with the standards for fuel-economy in their vehicles.

Higher Horsepowers With Greater Economy

Technology is advancing at such a huge rate, that car makers have been able to give their cars some incredibly high engine ratings. Smaller engines, which used to be weak and slow, are being packed with enough horsepower to rival anything from the past. This trend will not stop with regular cars either, and it will be found in trucks and SUVs. If you’ve ever wanted to ride around in a 500 horsepower vehicle that could also go offroad, you just might be in luck, assuming that you can afford the asking prices. The biggest point about these new engine technologies, is that they are able to burn less fuel, making them more efficient than cars from decades ago.

Breakfast: How You Should Be Eating It

You have probably heard it over and over again: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, guess what? It is! It gives you the energy levels to begin (and continue throughout) the day. It also gives your metabolism an incredible boost. It will also ensure that you eat healthier throughout the day.

There is a catch, however. Pop Tarts and coffee, an ideal breakfast do not make. To gain all these benefits that eating breakfast offers, you have to eat a healthy one. Ask any professional in personal training San Jose included, what you should be eating for breakfast. Here are some examples of what you should and should not be eating for breakfast:

Fruits Instead of Fruit Juice

Drinking a glass of fruit juice might be easier than eating a fruit in the morning. Fruit contains less sugar and calories than even freshly squeezed juice does. It also contains more nutrients in its natural form than its juice counterpart. Use fruits of different colors to ensure that you are getting all the nutrients that you need.

Peanut Butter Not Cream Cheese

Cream cheese may be delicious on top of your bagel but it doesn’t pack quite the punch that peanut butter does. A single tablespoon of peanut butter has 4 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber, and 8 grams of heart-healthy fats. It will also keep you full for much longer than cream cheese.

Cheerios Instead of Frosted Flakes

The good news is that you don’t have to give up your breakfast cereal. The not so great news is that Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, and other sugar-laden cereals are off the table. With just one gram of sugar in every cup, Cheerios is an acceptable way to start your day. You can pair with low fat or soy milk.


Oats Not Granola

Granola might be a well touted healthy option but it is actually full of calories, sugar, and oil. Oats, on the other hand, are a great source of fiber and protein. They also have about half the amount of calories that granola has. Stir in some fruits or honey as natural sweeteners for your oatmeal.


With these healthy options, you can now start your day off right. Eat a balanced breakfast every day and you are sure to start noticing how better you feel. You also may even lose weight!

What Men Do Not Share With You?

Men have always been considered tough and hard and therefore they do not share their soft side with the family and with the world. They tend to keep the tensions and stresses to themselves and would rarely share their business and job problems with their partner. Men actually want a partner who can show a sense of responsibility and maturity so that they can feel like sharing their experiences, no matter good or bad with the beloved one.
This article will help the women looking for expert guidance on relationship and gaining the trust of the man you love. This article is inspired by a very popular relationship program What Men Secretly Want James Bauer.

  • Character – men want to be with the partner who is loyal and honest to them. No matter how beautiful you are but if you carry a bad personality the person is going to move on. You can even skip make-ups for a few times and we are a sweatshirt and track pants to go around with him. This sense of humor is really important as men do not like to be around a person who is always serious.
  • Respect – this is something with which you can earn his time and trust. Respecting a man for his efforts towards relationship and for his family is one thing that he deserves. You can show respect towards the person you love by letting him take decisions especially when it comes to money related things. If he is unable to get a task done that needs a lot of money, just don’t start whining over the problem.

It seems like men are tough but they actually deserve equal importance and attention, maybe in a different way as women expect for themselves.

6 Brilliant Swimming Tips

  1. Make sure that your head is aligned with your spine. Keep your back straight and aligned with your head. This is achieved by ensuring that you look at the bottom of the pool, not in front of you. If you look anywhere but down, you make your hips drop and you will have to kick much harder to keep them up. You don’t have to use all of that energy.
  1. You have to get over your fear of swim goggles. If you do not have them on, it becomes hard for you to relax. The reason for this is that it is uncomfortable to relax when you have all of that water washing past your eyeballs. Keep relaxed, keep your head down, and your goggles on.
  1. A good tip to know is that in order to swim faster, you have to get at least one of your shoulders out of the water. Swim on your side more and change the side at each stroke. This helps you to reduce the drag that your shoulders might cause.
  1. When you need to take a breath, rotate your head to do it; don’t lift your head though. This makes your hips and legs go down and you have to work all that much more to get them up.
  1. As you breathe you will exhale into the water and inhale as you rotate your head. The timing is pretty critical as there is not a lot of time for either position.
  1. Wearing a swimming nose clip will help you. A difficult thing to recover from, easily, is to get water in your nose. A clip will help in keeping the water out of your nose while you concentrate on the timing of your breathing. The ability to do this while you are Freestyle swimming is very important.
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